Susanne and I at Mweka Gate
with our certificates.

A mountain conquered!


Climbing Kilimanjaro


Looking back on the climb, most of the worst memories of the struggle have faded away. Itís funny how memories can be selective like that. I know it was an arduous climb for me, and throughout the climb I kept saying that I would NEVER do it again. But from one monthís vantage point, it doesnít seem that horrible now.

I remember that each day we climbed was a hard day of climbing, but the thing that made the whole trek difficult was the day after day grind of challenging climbs. Each day was a struggle with its own difficulties and low points which made me forget how bad the day before was. But then, every so often there would be those high points and moments of incredible beauty which left us in awe.

Was it worth it? Ten months of training and hours of hiking up and down the mountain? For the whole experience, and for that one incredible hour at the top and the feeling of accomplishment--Yes.


***I have begun work on a motivational book chronicling my weight loss, Kilimanjaro climb, and other experiences. Stay tuned to this web page for further developments and information.


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